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Natural Awakenings magazine is a 21 year old publication that originated in Naples, Florida.  With more than 3.8 million readers in nearly 90 cities and Puerto Rico, it is distributed in over 45,000 locations including health food stores, fitness centers, book stores, health care facilities, public libraries and wherever free publications are generally available.  It is also distributed digitally and available through our iPhone/iPad app.

In each issue of Natural Awakenings magazine, readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.  Each month, Natural Awakenings magazine features interviews that inspire as well as inform. Past editorials have featured such nationally recognized healers, teachers and leaders as Bill McKibben, Michael Pollan, Judith Orloff, Debbie Ford, Ed Begley, Jr., Wayne Dyer and Neil Newman; and physicians Mehmet Oz, Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra and Christine Northrup, among many others.

Natural Awakenings magazine provides an opportunity to rediscover the simple, green, holistic and natural approaches for healthier living and a healthy planet.  Through the lens of integrated medicine, nutrition and exercise, prevention of illness, healthy living, “go green” environmental issues, spirituality and fulfilling relationships; we provide our readers with the ingredients that will lead to a healthy, enriching life that improves our world through social responsibility and practice.

Natural Awakenings magazine is Central New York's healthy living magazine. We are your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. Our mission is to provide insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for our readers. By being part of a large network of publishers, we provide the latest health and wellness information available through feature articles written by nationally-recognized authors, as well as articles by local experts.


Natural Awakenings CNY


Welcome to Natural Awakenings Central New York.


Our mission is to help point the way to a better life. We will be guided by what works and understand to be true to the extent of current knowledge. Certainly our lives are in many ways the product of the choices that we and others have made in the past. If you are like me, some of these choices could have been better. But we learn from these mistakes and we grow. To make better choices, we need to recognize better options.

Collectively, we need to identify better options and consider wiser choices. The earth is becoming warmer and natural processes will accelerate the warming trend. The consequences of a warmer planet are obvious and predictable. We need to separate political considerations from scientific fact and understand the difference.  “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”. (Words attributed to many, author unknown).

Both in these pages and on our web site, AwakeningsCNY.com, we will together explore the ingredients of a truly “good life”.  Experts will help us understand an array of practical steps we can take today in order to feel better, think better and live with greater depth, meaning and purpose. As part of the national Natural Awakenings publishing community, a leader in naturally healthy living, we recognize that lasting solutions must encompass the whole person—mind, body and spirit.

By now we all know that eating well, daily exercise, sufficient sleep and access to clean air and water will make a huge difference in anyone’s life, but how many of us maintain that regimen in our busy modern world?  Too often we react to problems as they arise instead of developing proactive, preventive strategies so that they do not. Fortunately, simple, effective and relatively inexpensive strategies exist to aid us.

In the last 40 years, a “new” approach to wellness has been emerging in western nations and is now about to fully blossom in this generation. Mindfulness, nutrition, bodywork, acupuncture, yoga, chiropractic adjustment and meditation, among others, are proven strategies that have worked for millions of people for thousands of years. What used to be called alternative is now complementary to western medicine and thanks to pioneers like Dr. Weil is becoming recognized as integrative health and medicine. Have no doubt that East and West are coming together in a harmonious way that makes better sense.

In coming months we will learn and grow through the shared expertise of national and local authorities in their fields.  Healing practitioners and thought leaders throughout Cayuga, Cortland, Onondaga, Oswego, Madison and Tompkins counties will be our guides. We look forward to discovering good answers to our questions along with helpful advice and insights that can make each day a little brighter.

We will take this journey with you so that we may all be well, feel good and laugh more through healthier living on a healthy planet.

We grow better together.


E. Craig Heim



CNY Team


C. Michele Rose, Layout Manager of Natural Awakenings CNY, is a graduate of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, with a Business concentration. With 22 prior years of management experience in the fields of Broadcasting Marketing/Programming Research, Hospitality Sales/Public Relations, Unity Church Spiritual Resource Center/Bookstore and various entrepreneurial endeavors, Michele has worked with Natural Awakenings for the past 11 years. Besides handling the layout of the Central New York magazine, Michele also assists with the training of new publishers at the Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. headquarters, where she also served as a managing editor for 2 years. As a complement to her fine art painting in her spare time, Michele enjoys the creative aspect and challenge of the graphic design and layout of the magazines.

Helene Leininger, Ad Designer of Natural Awakenings CNY, has brought 25 years of advertising and marketing experience to Natural Awakenings.  Helene assists business owners and advertisers to successfully build their brand and increase their client base through result driven advertising.  As a marketing project manager, in an ad agency environment, Helene managed projects for clients including AAA, Disney, NASCAR and Holland America before starting her own company.

Martin Miron, editor of Natural Awakenings CNY, is a professional journalist with 10 years of experience writing and editing with the E.W. Scripps Co. in Naples, Florida. He has served on the board of directors of the Naples Press Club as membership director with such luminaries as Phil Beuth, founder of the ABC television network.

He began working with the Natural Awakenings Publishing Company five years ago on the national content that is distributed to franchises. Today he also edits several local editions and especially enjoys helping new publishers achieve success and coaching writers to adopt the NAPC style and hone their journalistic skills. Miron says, "We face all kinds of challenges in the world, but I believe that my participation in Natural Awakenings is being part of the solution."

Morgan S. Carlson, Web Technician of Natural Awakenings CNY, is a graduate of Lafayette College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He took classes at Penn State University and graduated from University of Maryland, University College in 2011, with a Masters in Environmental Management.  He is a freelance writer and has published articles in economics and gardening magazines.  Most recently, Morgan has worked as an independent project researcher, affiliated with Innocentive.com and author of design projects relating to aquifer replenishment and proactive strategies for flooding run off and containment.

E. Craig Heim, Publisher of Natural Awakenings CNY, is a graduate of Syracuse University and began his United Way career in Syracuse in 1978. Subsequent positions included Columbus Ohio, Grand Rapids Michigan, Silicon Valley, California and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He returned to the area as CEO of United Way of Central New York in 1995. His last United Way assignment was Executive Vice President of United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Most recently, Craig served as Executive Director of the Office of Energy Conservation and Weatherization in Pennsylvania, a $258 million project retrofitting more than 40,000 low income homes throughout the state. His nine year absence from Central New York was weekdays only and has maintained his residence in Tully New York for nearly 19 years. The farm grows waterfalls, ponds and gardens. Previous local affiliations and boards include: Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse, Board Member; Community Health Information and Planning Services (CHIPS), Board Member; Cornell Cooperative Extension Onondaga County, Board Member; Dialogue on Race and Racism Policy Council, Founding Member; Forging Our Community’s United Strength (FOCUS), Founding Member; Leadership Greater Syracuse, Board Member; InterReligious Council of Central New York (InterFaith Works), Board Member; Partners for Education and Business, Board Member; Success by Six, Board Member.


 Natural Awakenings CNY is published from a 30 acre farm nestled on the eastern side of the Finger Lakes in some of the most beautiful countryside on the planet. The farm grows gardens, waterfalls, ponds and now Natural Awakenings magazine and Web Site.








The property has many trees. One of our favorite things to do on the farm is picking up sticks.









Tully, New York sits on the Continental Divide and water flows many directions.


















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